Living Stories: a storyteller’s exploration of the living world

How do we create better stories?

My name is Megan Lindow. Living Stories is my ‘Storyteller’s Journal.’ As a writer and storyteller, I am a passionate explorer of the rich and juicy world of story. I’m fascinated with how we humans can bring greater compassion, awareness and sensitivity to our relationships across the living world, through the stories we live and tell. That is because we humans, the ‘storytelling animals,’ naturally use story to navigate the world, and find our place in it. We create and invent with our stories, and weave the world into being through them. Now more than ever, I believe we need to weave new stories that are more nourishing and regenerative, that honour and celebrate the web of life that encompasses us!

Through this blog, I’ll be exploring myriad ways of working with and telling stories more skillfully and intentionally, to discover ourselves and the world anew. I’ll be writing on such diverse themes as story performance, oral storytelling, stories and community, mythology and folklore, the art and science of story, ecological storytelling, indigenous wisdom, stories for healing, storytelling to explore the future. I’ll be writing about the imagination and the senses, the body and the mind, the voice and the gesture, the individual and the collective, philosophy and psychology, the human and more-than-human - anything you can think of as it relates to story.

More about Megan

As a writer and storyteller, I’ve worked with stories my entire life. Over the past few years, I have delved more deeply and intentionally into the art and science of story, while developing my skills as an oral storyteller and a creative story practitioner.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, coming from a journalism background, much of my work has focused on documenting complex processes of development and change across spaces in education, food systems, climate change and gender equality - throughout Africa and beyond. I have focused on creatively and rigorously documenting personal stories as well as broader systemic processes of learning, collaboration and capacity building for a variety of different universities, foundations, institutional networks, NGO’s, artists, entrepreneurs and grassroots social innovators.

I have always loved learning, travel, nature, meeting people and having new experiences. For many years, journalism gave me access to all of that. But more recently, I found myself searching for a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, connection and service through my work and in my life. This is what led me to storytelling. In 2017, I completed a Master’s in Philosophy through the Sustainability Institute at Stellenbosch University, exploring the resilience capacities of grassroots food system innovators through their narratives. In 2019, I completed an intensive, practical training in traditional storytelling in the community with master storytellers Sue Hollingsworth and Gilly Southwood.

Since then, I have presented my work at international conferences in South Africa, Ghana, Scotland and Chile, and facilitated story workshops and performances for academics, university students and school children in Chile, Kenya and South Africa. Since 2019, I have been developing a complementary practice in Goethean observation and phenomenology, working with Sue Davidson and Allan Kaplan of the Proteus Initiative to explore from many perspectives our incredible human capacities for making meaning in the world. In Cape Town, I regularly hold outdoor gatherings telling stories and exploring their themes with small groups in beautiful natural surroundings.

Do get in touch if this strikes a chord with you - I love to collaborate, and perhaps there is something we could be working on together!



Megan Lindow
Writer and storyteller, exploring stories of humans and the living world - and how we can weave more generative worlds into being through story.